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Cassidy Robinson, right, and her little buddy Lauren Hardt stretch after completing the Healthy Buddies fitness loop in the gym of their school in Sechelt, B.C.

This list of resources represents only a small collection of websites, groups and organizations dealing with childhood obesity in Canada. Add to this list by submitting your suggestions at the bottom of this page.

Canada Obesity Network: A group of professionals and businesses focused on reducing obesity in Canada. Resources include dieting tips, a body mass calculator and downloadable training packages.

Active Healthy Kids Canada: A national group focused on influencing stakeholders to build better programs and policies to increase physical activity among children. Includes a yearly report card on the state of phyiscal activity in Canada.

Physical and Health Education Canada: An organization for physical and health educators across Canada. Their website includes facts and statistics on physical education.

Heart & Stroke Foundation: A section on healthy weight for kids offers facts, stats and activity guides for children and their parents. Other pages on healthy eating and healthy kids give more tips for parents and teachers.

Childhood Obesity Foundation: A registered charity that educates Canadian children and their families about the dangers of childhood obesity.

Shapedown BC: A program out of British Columbia that helps children and their families achieve healthy weights. The program relies on eating habits and lifestyle changes instead of diets.

SCOPE (Sustainable Childhood Obesity Prevention Through Community Engagement): A community-based approach with pilot programs in Abbotsford and Prince George. The group works with professionals from different backgrounds to help people in the community develop obesity prevention plans. Their 5-2-1-0 program offers a simple approach to fighting childhood obesity.

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