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A light layer of fog covers the beach at Ashbridge's Bay, May 30, 2013. Torontonians experienced their first blast of summer with temperatures hitting 30 C.Moe Doiron/The Globe and Mail

A top forecaster says Canadians will likely have to get through topsy turvy weather in June before settling into fairly typical summer conditions across much of the country.

The Weather Network forecast suggests British Columbia, Alberta and from eastern Quebec to Atlantic Canada can expect the next three months to bring above normal temperatures just like last year.

But director of meteorology Chris Scott says the area from Saskatchewan to southern Ontario shouldn't rule out more cool days than in 2012 that will space out the blasts of summer heat.

He says the weather pattern should be somewhat erratic for the rest of this month and perhaps into early July with cooler weather slipping into parts of southern Canada while the North gets some warmth.

Scott's forecast calls for "active weather zones" in central Alberta through southern Manitoba, while southern Ontario and Quebec could also see severe storms and tornadoes.

He says the weather should be more consistent starting next month, but until then Canadians should monitor the forecasts for any surprise bouts of extreme weather before they take off on outdoor trips.

"The one hiccup is that especially to start the summer ... we could see this 'upside-down' weather pattern at times where even the far south of Canada could see some cool conditions," Scott said, noting Tuesday's forecast called for warmer temperatures in Nunavut than some southern areas.

"July's going to be a very busy month for storms, but June's the one where you really have to watch because people aren't as conditioned to severe weather," he said.

"It's a big heads-up especially for people in the Prairies that are just starting to get into severe weather season to really keep an eye to the sky and the forecast over the next few weeks."

Scott forecasts that even in spots with more cool days than last year there will still be plenty of nice days on the way.

"There will be lots of opportunity for beach weather to go around, even in those areas where it may not be as warm as last year," he said.

"We think conditions will be fairly favourable for people enjoying the outdoors overall."