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On Saturday, cities across Canada will play host to sister protests to New York's Occupy Wall Street movement. Here are some of the ordinary Canadians organizing the events

Min Reyes, one of the organizers for this Saturdays Occupy Vancouver Protest is pictured on the front steps in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia on Oct.13, 2011. The steps and area in front of the steps is where the protest will take place.

Ben Nelms for The Globe and Mail/ben nelms The Globe and Mail

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Kelly Dowdell is one of the organizers of Saturday's Occupy Calgary event based on Occupy Wall Street. She was photographed in front of Bankers Hall on Stephen Avenue Mall in Calgary, Alberta on Friday, Oct. 14, 2011.

Chris Bolin for The Globe and Mail./chris bolin The Globe and Mail.

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Farshad Azadian, an Occupy Toronto organizer, is photographed at King and Bay Streets in downtown Toronto, Ont. on Oct. 14, 2011.

Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail/Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail

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