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Jessica Lloyd

Relatives of the late Jessica Lloyd, the second of two women allegedly murdered by one of Canada's top-ranking Air Force officers, have broken their silence, explaining in a television interview that they still don't know why the 27-year-old was targeted by her killer.

Andy Lloyd, the older brother of Ms. Lloyd, told the CBC that his family is still struggling to understand what happened two months ago, when Ms. Lloyd went missing from her home just north of Belleville, Ont.

"You know, why? And why here? You know it kind of seems like bad things are happening to good people and it just doesn't make sense," Mr. Lloyd said in the interview, which aired Tuesday night.

Colonel Russell Williams, who was placed in command of Canada's largest Air Force base in Trenton, Ont., in July, 2009, sits in a provincial jail cell awaiting trial on numerous charges, including the murder of Ms. Lloyd.

According to the charges, which were announced in early February, Ontario Provincial Police believe the decorated pilot embarked on a clandestine, sexually charged rampage over a five-month period - starting with late-night sexual assaults on two of his female neighbours, who were bound and blindfolded in their homes.

More than a month later, Corporal Marie-France Comeau, one of the colonel's subordinates, was found dead of asphyxiation in her home in the town of Brighton, southwest of the military base.

The last that anyone heard from Ms. Lloyd was a text message she sent to friends on the night of Jan. 28. "Night, night," she told a friend, according to Tuesday's CBC report.

For a week and a half, hundreds of volunteers searched the Belleville area for any trace of Ms. Lloyd, whose late father served in Canada's Navy.

Ms. Lloyd's brother described how "helpless" he felt during the search, and he detailed the day he learned the terrible news about where his sister had been discovered. Ms. Lloyd's body was found in the brush off a rural road near the tiny, Eastern Ontario town of Tweed.

"We were actually at my aunt's watching the Super Bowl at the time," he said. "So [the police]came over and sat us down and told us what happened. It was the resolution that nobody wanted. You know, and unfortunately it did happen and kind of puts a real spin on things … you realize it is very serious and it's not, obviously, going to have a happy ending to the story."

Col. Williams is scheduled to appear in court on April 29.

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