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Terror suspect Chiheb Esseghaier arrives at Buttonville Airport just north of Toronto on April 23, 2013. He is expected to appear in a Toronto court via a video link June 6, 2013.Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press

Secretly recorded conversations between an undercover FBI agent and two men found guilty of terrorism charges in a plot to derail a passenger train, formed the bulk of evidence presented at their trial. Here are five memorable excerpts from those intercepts.

Esseghaier: Those people as you know in Canada or in America, those countries they, they have many armies in our land and this army is taking control of the land and is spreading the corruption on the earth. You know the corruption?

Agent: Of course.

Esseghaier: Opposite of the, the good thing. They are spreading evil, they are spreading adultery, they are spreading alcohol in those lands, you understand? They are spreading Christianity.

Agent: Hmmm

Esseghaier: Now they send people in Afghanistan, in Somali, in many areas, in Pakistan. ... So it's, it's our mission to fight those countries.


Jaser: We want to make sure that they understand that as long as they're over there, their people will not feel safe on this side.

Agent: Because we're over here.

Jaser: They should not feel safe.

Agent: Amen.

Jaser: And, and we, we are here for a reason.


Jaser: We are in the neighbourhood.

Agent: We are in your backyard. ...we are not sleeping.

Jaser: Get out. Get out before we kill you all. Because we want this whole city, the whole country to burn.

Agent: Uhuh.

Jaser: I could care less who dies. Everyone is a target. They pay taxes, they vote. They're enemies.


Jaser: Islam is a monster, is a beast.

Agent: Mhmmm.

Jaser: Okay? Islam is a very powerful weapon okay, and if it's in the hand right. ... the right hand...

Agent: Mhmmm.

Jaser: Then you can bulldoze the whole world.


Agent: I wanna make sure this is, which we're killing women and children. There is gonna be women and children on that train. You know that right?

Esseghaier: Of course.

Agent: Okay.

Esseghaier: Brother, I will say to you something. The Muslim, you now very well, that that God almighty give us the opportunity and the permission...The necessity of saving religion it's more higher than the necessity of saving your if they are killing our women and our children in our country, so why we don't kill the women and their their their women and their children in their country. And God almighty he said, he told us in the Qur'an to do to them as they are doing to you.