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A cat with its head stuck in a small bird feeder is shown in a handout photo in Brandon, Man., on July 23, 2014.COLLEEN GAREAU/The Canadian Press

A cat that has been roaming around with a bird feeder stuck on its head has gained a bit of freedom.

It appears some of the feeder has fallen off and the cat named Butterscotch can now eat and drink.

"We believe it is a free-roaming cat with no home, but we have not been able to check for identification yet," said Toni Gramiak, spokeswoman for an animal rescue group in Brandon, Man.

"Clearly it has nowhere to go right now or it would have returned home to get the contraption off."

The cat's predicament was first spotted July 23 and the Brandon and Area Lost Animals group has been trying to capture the kitty ever since.

There have been complications, however, because someone has been destroying traps that volunteers have been baiting with tuna and other tasty cat treats to try to lure Butterscotch.

Gramiak believes the perpetrator may be following social media to get an idea of where the cat has been seen and where traps may be set up.

She is asking that anyone who sees Butterscotch refrain from posting the location on the Internet.

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