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Mai Le works on a customer's pedicure at Toronto's ManiPedi Spa on July 11 2012.Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail

The hidden cost of pretty nails

While a mani-pedi might set you back $35, the costs are much higher for the people who administer them. In May, the Ministry of Labour and the Ontario Lung Association put out a joint pamphlet on asthma risks for hairstylists and nail technicians, but many don't follow the recommendations, despite huge risks.

Getting men to get off the couch, to get on the couch

Tony Soprano was always a complicated picture of masculinity - one of the mobster's most notable relationships was with his therapist. There is a growing awareness that it's an uphill battle to get men with mental health issues to seek professional help.

From busking to the big time

Jian Ghomeshi has become the face of CBC Radio - or, at least, the giant posters of him around their headquarters would suggest as much. Brad Wheeler looks into how the host of Q has emerged as one of the continent's premier radio hosts, and how he's turned the CBC into a place that Jay-Z wants to hang out.

Is the Olympic ideal really so ideal?

With the Games only weeks away, Doug Saunders asks if the event is still really representative of the best of humanity. This year's Olympics promise to be more closed, restricted, exclusive and elite than ever.

Not only rock 'n' roll

As a student, Boris Johnson had his world rocked by the Rolling Stones Start Me Up. While that particular track has not held up in the eyes of many aficionados, for Johnson, the appeal has remained. In this excerpt from his new book, London's mayor discusses the Stones on the occasion of their 50th anniversary.

First rule of weather club: No talking about weather club

Hardcore amateur weather enthusiasts are changing the way that we consume our daily forecasts. Using social media and other online tools, they make sure that there is more weather data available for Canadians than ever before. But being in the weather club is not a commitment to be taken up lightly.

The new capital of cool

The unofficial slogan of Berlin is "poor but sexy." While it may seem difficult to reconcile the two concepts, the German capital is becoming a hub for art and cuisine. An insider look at the fastest rising city in Europe.

No-budget hero

For the last few years, Mark Duplass has been making small, poignant movies like Cyrus and Jeff, Who Lives at Home. This summer, he's showing super-human stamina by appearing in four movies and directing one, the no-budget Do-Deca Pentathlon, with his brother Jay. Johanna Schneller profiles the prolific talent.