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In Photos: Canadians on the frontlines and the homefront

As part of the Globe's Remembrance Day coverage, readers from coast to coast have shared their photos of loved ones who served their country.

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Brian Kells is pictured with father Peter Kells and mother Marlene Grace at the Ottawa Airport on April 16, 2009 - the day he returned from Afghanistan.

Submitted by Brian Kells/Submitted by Brian Kells

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Second World War veteran Douglas Millar of Campbell River, B.C., sent this photo of himself with his crew, while training for anti-submarine action using Lockheed Hudsons at Truro, N.S.

Submitted by Douglas Millar

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In this photo, veteran Douglas Millar and crew in Burma, where their his RCAF 436 squadrom was sent to support the British 14th Army fighting the Japanese.

Submitted by Douglas Millar

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Donald Stewart Maynard, a Sapper in the 7th Battalion, Canadian Engineers, is pictured here in an assembly camp prior to shipping out to England. Maynard was killed on October 25, 1918, two weeks before Amistice, and buried in France.

Submitted by Drew Maynard/Submitted by Drew Maynard

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Donald Maynard (second from right) is pictured here shipping out to England on the train. He came from a farming family near Chatham, Ont. He was killed on October 25, 1918.

Submitted by Drew Maynard/Submitted by Drew Maynard

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Submitted by Harry Smith

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Submitted by James McCreath

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Lt. Ronald E Newton is pictured in England 1942. His tank was the second ashore in the Sicily invasion July 10, 1943.

Submitted by Jim Newton/Submitted by Jim Newton

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(From left to right) John Joseph Hugh (Mickey) O’Neill, Irene and John O’Neill and Cliff O’Neill are pictured as John Joseph Hugh O'Neill prepares for departure overseas in Thorold, ON c. 1943

Submitted by Kathleen Ross/Submitted by Kathleen Ross

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John and Cecil Sanders are pictured in this 1944 photo.

Submitted by Larry Sanders/Submitted by Larry Sanders

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Mother and son both in the military in World War II (circa 1944). Robert A Coulter joined the RCAF in 1941 at Vancouver. His mother, Leah D. Coulter, joined the CWAC shortly after its formation in 1941.

Submitted by Bob Coulter, Marion Coulter-Mackie and Colleen Coulter/Submitted by Bob Coulter, Marion Coulter-Mackie and Colleen Coulter

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Ron MacKay (bottom left) and the crew of their bomber, dubbed Li’l Abner after the comic strip. Among the crew are Arthur Hiller (centre) and Gordon Williamson (bottom right.)

Submitted by Wally MacKay

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Hy and Rose Alper are pictured at the Montreal West train station in April 1942, the day Hy left for his initial training in Kingston, Ontario.

Submitted by Teresa Alper/Submitted by Teresa Alper

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Hy Alper, RCAF radio mechanic, is pictured in the cockpit of a training plane. The photo was most likely taken in Texas prior to his departure overseas.

Submitted by Teresa Alper/Submitted by Teresa Alper

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Arthur “Geoff” Christie is pictured in this July 12, 1917 photo, taken in France. Writes his granddaughter: "A few months later he was a victim of early chemical warfare, blinded in a mustard gas attack. He survived, and his eyesight eventually returned. He spoke little of his wartime experiences. As a child I thought it funny when he shouted in his sleep. Now I know better."

Submitted by Binnie Brennan/Submitted by Binnie Brennan

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An unidentified group of soldiers from WWI, submitted by Susan Morrison. Writes Susan: "Although the inscription in the lower right corner says New York Photo Studio, Queen St., I am fairly certain these individuals were from the Toronto area as my grandmother lived there for a period of time during the war."

Submitted by Susan Morrison/Submitted by Susan Morrison

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Kelly Thompson (L) is pictured here with her grandfather at a Remembrance Day ceremony several years ago. Thomspon isn't your typical Canadian military vet, she says: "I have not been overseas, I have not seen battle, and I have not held the hands of comrades as they died. Instead, I spent my entire career injured and so, I was relegated to a desk." This will be her first Remembrance Day without uniform after an injury led to her military release.

Submitted by Kelly Thompson/Submitted by Kelly Thompson

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Greg Owen submitted this 2010 photo of the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Holten, The Netherlands, where over 1,300 Canadian soldiers are buried. Says Owen: "What struck me was the contrast - the Dutch boys in the foreground, very proud and happy and with an incredible love for Canada - with the Canadian veteran in the background, a chest full of medals, thinking of his friends who died in Holland."

Submitted by Greg Owen/Submitted by Greg Owen

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