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For everything from fixing environmental damage on the oil sands to finding a solution to job discrimination, these teenagers have been recognized by RBC's 'Top 20 Under 20' initiative

Amanda Belzowski, 15, Ontario

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Armin Rezaiean-Asel, 19, British Columbia

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Cameron Krisko, 19, Manitoba

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Ceilidh Millar, 19, British Columbia. Millar was recognized for training youth on bullying prevention through presentations, TV appearances and online articles because she felt teachers weren’t adequately trained.

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Ellen Song, 18, Nova Scotia

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Fahd Alhattab, 19, Ontario

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Habiba Cooper Diallo, 16, Nova Scotia

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Howard Feng, 17, Ontario

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Jared Valdron, 19, New Brunswick. Valdron was honoured for starting his own business, Careers in Code, that places information-technology professionals in jobs through an equitable five-stage hiring process and seeks to prevent implicit biases that cause résumé discrimination.

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Josh Tiessen , 17, Ontario

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Joshua Miller, 18, Ontario. Miller was recognized for starting Louder Than Noise, an artistic movement for disenfranchised and bullied youth to come together and express themselves through poetry, writing and music in a non-judgmental environment.

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Kelcie Miller-Anderson, 18, Alberta. Miller-Anderson was selected for developing a completely natural method of oil-sands remediation that uses oyster mushrooms to treat the tailing ponds and re-establishes natural bacteria in just three weeks.

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Maya Burhanpurkar, 13, Ontario. Burhanpurkar was acknowledged for setting up a fully functioning microbiology lab in her basement at the age of 10 – after universities and research institutions told her she was too young to use theirs – where she studied the effects of antibiotics on patients and discovered new properties of an Alzheimer’s drug to protect seniors and athletes from heart attacks.

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Michael Smith, 19, Alberta

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Preston Lim, 17, British Columbia

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Sarthak Sinha, 16, Alberta

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Scott Adams, 19, Saskatchewan

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Shane Feldman, 18, Ontario

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Simone Cavanaugh, 19, Quebec

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Victoria Chok, 18, Ontario

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