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The former Progressive Conservative leader was premier for 14 years

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A still from film footage shot by CFCN shows Ralph Klein during his time as a reporter for the station in the 1970s.

Courtesy the Glenbow Museum

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Montreal Mayor Jean Dore hands over the Montreal Olympic torch to the Calgary Mayor Ralph Klein at Calgary City Hall on Feb. 12, 1988.

Ray Giguere/The Canadian Press

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Mr. Klein, then Alberta environment minister, returns a rude gesture to a protester during an announcement about a pulp mill, in December 1990.

Canadian Press/CBC-TV

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Mr. Klein joins Calgary Stampeders quarterback Doug Flutie and Manitoba Premier Gary Filmon to pose for photographers with the Grey Cup prior to the Premiers Grey Cup luncheon in 1993.

Tom Hanson/The Canadian Press

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Prime Minister Jean Chretien is joined by (left to right) Mr. Klein, the Canadian minister for Asia Pacific relations, and Ontario Premier Bob Rae for a toast following the signing ceremony of 54 Canadian companies with Chinese interests in 1994.

Tom Hanson/The Canadian Press

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Then-Prime Minister Jean Chretien at a meeting in Ottawa with Alberta Premier Ralph Klein in 1994.

Tom Hanson/The Canadian Press

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Quebec Premier Jacques Parizeau shakes hands with Mr. Klein at the end of a news conference following a meeting at Premier Parizeau's home in 1995.

Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press

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Mr. Klein speaks to reporters following a luncheon at the residence of the Canadian consul general in New York on Sept. 23, 1996.

Anders Krusberg/The Associated Press

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In a moment of competition, Ontario Premier Mike Harris and Mr. Klein donned CFL football jerseys during a break in the 37th Annual Premiers Conference in Aug. 22, 1996.

Andy Clark/Reuters

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Mr. Klein comments on the Canadian constitution at the Alberta Stampede breakfast in 1996. Mr. Klein said his government may go to the people to determine Albertans' wishes in a constitution.

Dave Buston/The Canadian Press

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Alberta Premier Ralph Klein gets a bear hug from Sesame Street character Elmo, right, as Grover looks on at a back-to-school safety event in Calgary on Sept. 17, 1997.

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

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Before Mr. Klein announced an election, the campaign was well underway in 1997. Two huge billboards were erected in Edmonton and Calgary hinting at the upcoming election.

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

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Alberta Premier Ralph Klein kisses a fake salmon to become a member of a salmon fishermen’s club during a Western Premiers' Conference in Campbell River, B.C., on May 29, 1997.

Chuck Stoody/The Canadian Press

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Mr. Klein wears a Team Canada hat given to him by Canadian businessmen in Santiago, Chile in 1998.

Tom Hanson/The Canadian Press

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Mr. Klein talks to reporters outside the Royal Tyrrell Museum on May 19, 1999. The museum was the site of the Western Premiers' Conference.

Chuck Stoody/The Canadian Press

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Activist Shirley Douglas, daughter of Canadian health care system architect Tommy Douglas, holds a poster of Ontario Premier Mike Harris and Mr. Klein, while protesting outside the First Ministers meeting on Sept. 11, 2000.

Jim Young/Reuters

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Mr. Klein looks towards a teepee after donning an Indian headress while he visited the 'Indian Village' at the Calgary Stampede on July 12, 2000.

Jeff McIntosh/The Globe and Mail

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Mr. Klein talks to members of the media at his office in Edmonton, on March 12, 2001, prior to returning to Calgary to await the outcome of the 2011 provincial election.

John Ulan/The Canadian Press

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Mr. Klein speaks as New Democrat leader Raj Pannu and Liberal leader Nancy MacBeth look on during a election debate in Edmonton on February 26 2001.

Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

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Then-Prime Minister Jean Chretien, then-British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell and Mr. Klein have a laugh about the weather as they pose for a group picture in downtown Dallas, Texas, on Nov. 28, 2001. The Canadian politicians are participating in the first Team Canada West trade mission in both Dallas and Los Angeles, California.

Jeff Mitchell/Reuters

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Ontario Premier Ernie Eves listens as Mr. Klein speaks following a meeting where they discussed the Kyoto protocol in Toronto on Oct. 23, 2002.

Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press

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Ralph Klein has a pie thrown in his face as he addresses a breakfast crowd at the Calgary Stampede on July 7, 2003.

CTV News/CTV News

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Mr. Klein announces that Alberta has paid its $3.7-billion debt on July 12, 2004, in Calgary. The Klein government inherited over $22-billion in debt in 1993 and became be the only debt-free province in the country.

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

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Mr. Klein and his wife Colleen embrace at his campaign headquarters after winning a fourth consecutive majority government on Nov. 22, 2004.

Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press

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Mr. Klein speaks during a news conference as Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty looks on at the Council of the Federation on August 12, 2005.

Patrick Price/Reuters

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Queen Elizabeth II and Mr. Klein attend Centennial celebrations at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, Alberta, on May 23, 2005.

Andy Clark/Reuters

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Premiers Gary Doer of Manitoba, left, Mr. Klein, centre, and Gordon Campbell of B.C., wear Edmonton Oilers jerseys during a photo-op after their meeting in Edmonton on Thursday, June 8, 2006. The premiers were meeting with members of the federal panel on equalization payments.

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

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Mr. Klein speaks during a funding announcement at Heritage Park in Calgary on Sept. 20, 2006. Earlier in the day, Mr. Klein's letter of resignation was accepted by the Alberta PC party.

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

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Alberta Premier Ralph Klein wipes away tears as his colleagues comfort him following a standing ovation at the end of his last day in the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton on Aug. 31, 2006. Klein is retiring this year after nearly two decades in Alberta politics.

Jeff McIntosh/CP

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Mr. Klein polishes his name plate outside his new office at a Calgary law firm on Jan. 19, 2007 after being hired as the firm's senior business advisor.

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

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Mr. Klein arrives at the funeral for former Calgary Flames owner Harley Hotchkiss in Calgary, Alberta, on June 29, 2011.

Todd Korol/The Globe and Mail

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