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In pictures: The life and times of Hugh Smythe

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Hugh Smythe, son of Maple Leafs founder Conn Smythe, holds the copper box that held the contents of a time capsule from 1931 discovered during renovations of the Maple Leaf Gardens in January, 2012.

Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail

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Dr. Smythe stands with family while holding the time capsule.

Dave Upham/Ryerson University

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Hugh Smythe, as a young hockey player with his father.


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An unknown patient at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital in 1951 gets a moment of glory with the Stanley Cup, accompanied by, from left: Dr. Hugh Smythe, father Conn Smythe and Leafs player Ted (Teeder) Kennedy.


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Dr. Smythe at Buckingham Palace with his wife, about to meet the Queen.

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Dr. Smythe, shown in November, 1987, invented his own natural solution to neck and back aches.

Thomas Szlukovenyi/The Globe and Mail

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Dr. Smythe also was considered Canada’s leading expert in fibromyalgia and was instrumental in the creation of the Ontario Fibromyalgia Association in 1985.


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Smythe’s work in medicine afforded him the opportunity to travel the world. In his bid to understand the nature of rheumatic disease, he became an avid collector of antique headrests – designed to deal with a universal affliction.


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Dr. Smythe one of his large collection of headrests, a pastime that stemmed from his interest in pain referred from the neck.


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Dr. Smythe on his 80th birthday after a day of golf at the Toronto Hunt Club.


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