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In pictures: 'We're definitely running the Antiques Road Show,' RCMP says

RCMP officers are working with John Mark Tillman to recover thousands of items stolen from antique stores, museums, and even the Nova Scotia legislature

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This suit of armour, stolen from Borden House Antiques in Port Williams, N.S., was used in the film The Conclave.


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An Edison phonograph.


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This Prussian helmet was stolen from the Shand House Museum in Windsor, N.S.


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Three of the paintings Mr. Tillmann stole include Saint Mary’s Basilica, painted in 1847. It belongs to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Halifax. It isn’t clear when the painting went missing, but it has been returned.


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A painting by marine artist W.H. Yorke, who died in 1921.


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This painting was one of several that went missing at the same time. The RCMP is not naming the painter, in case the detail helps officers identify the owner.


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Also found in Mr. Tillmann’s living room, under the coffee table, was this geometric rug that was stolen from a museum in Kentville, N.S., in 2002.


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This anchor ship lantern was stolen from the Halifax Citadel Museum, where Mr. Tillmann apparently worked during the tourism season during the 1990s. It was returned to the museum, along with a telescope that was also taken.


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These four goblets were stolen from a small personal museum in PEI. The owner has since died, but when police reached out to his family, the daughter broke down in tears. The goblets and other items were returned to the family in Charlottetown.


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A Sparkplug steam engine model.


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A mail pouch from the Windsor and Annapolis Railway, a historic railway that operated in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Police say they have a number of railway-related items that have yet to be identified.


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This barrel is similar to another one that Mr. Tillmann said he took in Quebec or Ontario from a store display, police say.


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Mr. Tillmann told police he stole the Canadian Pacific Telegraphs sign from a railway museum, but police haven’t tracked it down yet.


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The canoe was stolen from Blue Shutter Antiques in Chester, N.S.


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The beaver butter press is 150 years old and was stolen from a museum in PEI.


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The ‘1st Officer’ plaque was stolen off the S.S. Acadia, which is currently on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Police say that Mr. Tillmann had the plaque attached to a door, but the museum did not realize it was missing.


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The set of scales were stolen from an antique shop display case in Mahone Bay, N.S.


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Sgt. Colin Maclean of the RCMP, left, and RCMP Constable Darryl Morgan examine items stolen by John Mark Tillman. The Antique items are currently being kept in a storage unit in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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