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The city's lesbian community went to the Toronto Police Services Board yesterday demanding to know why male police officers visited an all-night lesbian party earlier this month.

But all they got was a promise that they would receive those parts of an internal police investigation report that could be made public. They were told to wait until Chief Julian Fantino reviews it after he returns from a trip Oct. 10.

"We're here because we want answers," Carlyle Jansen, a member of the Toronto Bath House Committee told the board. "We can't get a straight answer out of the police."

On Sept. 14, at about 1 a.m. five male police officers entered Club Toronto, normally an all-male bath house, where an all-female party was being held. They said they were checking for liquor infractions.

Ms. Jansen said the community wants to know why the officers were male, why five were needed to investigate a possible liquor licence violation, and why they stayed in the club for an hour and a half. No one was arrested.

She told the board that police knew they would find women in various stages of undress, but gave no advance warning.

Ms. Jansen said that the visit, one of four to bath houses in the past six months, is another example of "police harassment of marginalized communities."

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