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Rarely do we find female DJs - or "she-jays" - spinning at clubs, but a monthly dance night dubbed Lipstick, Cherry, is home to the increasing number of women who are stepping inside the DJ booths and pumping tunes at the tables. "I see way more girls doing it, I do notice it, I like seeing that," said Pam Hong (also known as Pammm), over a gin and tonic in a west-end bar this week. And although she doesn't focus on flaunting the girl-power aspect, her fans are quick to lap it up. "Guys come up and are like 'Wow, you're so great ... for a girl,' " she said. "It's just like, hey, whatever. I never think about it too much. I've made jokes that I'm a model. I'm just being paid to stand here." Lipstick, Cherry was founded in 2002 as an indie-rock night, and has since gone electro. The most recent female DJs include Barbi, Jamie Sin and, tonight, DJ Vaneska. Though the music selection isn't particularly girly (bop to Alan Braxe, Basement Jaxx and Daft Punk), the name certainly is. "I don't wear lipstick!" said Hong, shaking her head. "That's the funny thing."

Tonight, 11. $5. Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen St. W. 416-531-5042.

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