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John Nuttall is shown in this undated photo. Mr. Nuttall, 38, and his partner, Amanda Korody, were arrested on July 1, 2013, and charged with three counts each in relation to an alleged plot to detonate bombs at the B.C. legislature in Victoria on Canada Day.KRISTINA VERRUYT/The Canadian Press

A man charged in connection with a terrorist plot on Canada Day wrote increasingly vitriolic messages over the past year, including anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and violent threats in defence of Islam.

Online messages by John Stewart Nuttall, who was arrested with Amanda Korody on July 1 in Abbotsford, B.C., appear to begin in September, 2012, and continue over the following months. Under a YouTube video about the anti-Islamic Innocence of Muslims movie trailer, Mr. Nuttall responds angrily to a commenter who makes obscene insults about the Prophet Mohammad.

"Hey kafir, you wanna say that to my face?" wrote Mr. Nuttall, who along with his girlfriend is facing terrorism charges for attempting to detonate pressure-cooker bombs during Canada Day celebrations outside the B.C. Legislature.

"I live in Surrey BC Vancouver, I will meet you on the corner of 99th and 120th on the train tracks. I cant wait to meet you kafir. I am a Mujahid and inshAllah I will die a Shaheed!" The posting gives a phone number known to belong to Mr. Nuttall, and instructs the caller to ask for "John."

The posting was made under the user name "Ana Nimity," an apparent reference to the name Ms. Korody was better known by, Ana.

YouTube posts made under the same name in October, 2012, show a penchant for conspiracy theories and anger toward wars in the Middle East, including a video "exposing" the real reason behind the war in Libya and musings about U.S. soldiers committing suicide in Afghanistan.

In March, 2013, posts under the "Ana Nimity" name appear under videos pushing Israel conspiracy theories. "I agree, The jews killed Jesus, (they are proud of it)," one post says. "Also, Israel attacked the USS liberty in a false flag op to try and bring us to war. We are sick of the Jews trying to run our lives and it is about time they fought their own war."

Yet a few months before the angry postings begin, both Mr. Nuttall and Ms. Korody were posting regularly in a Vancouver-area paintball forum, often asking for advice and rides out to a playing field. Mr. Nuttall posted under the name "Mujahid," while Ms. Korody used "PirateNinjaCat."

"Hi guys, My wife Ana and I had an awesome time yesterday, thanks for inviting us," says a post by Mr. Nuttall from June 10, 2012. "I'm really sorry to the guy (I don't know who you are) I shot in the neck, I heard that you were hurt pretty bad afterward, I feel really bad about that."

In one post, Mr. Nuttall discusses the effects of methadone as a painkiller. In another from Ms. Korody, she says she often misses out on games because "my health kinda sucks."

In a post where Mr. Nuttall shows photos of a paintball grenade, he says, "I have nowhere to throw it at the moment as I am not stupid enough to walk onto the street in public and pull the pin on a real looking grenade lol."