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1999: Pierre Lebrun shoots six co-workers at an Ottawa-Carleton transit company, killing four and injuring two before killing himself. 1996: Mark Chahal of Vernon, B.C., uses two handguns to kill his wife, eight relatives and then himself. 1992: Nine replacement workers die when a bomb explodes at the Giant gold mine in Yellowknife. Miner Roger Warren is convicted of nine counts of second-degree murder. 1992: Concordia University engineering professor Valery Fabrikant shoots and kills four faculty members and injures another. 1992: Three men kill three and injure one in a botched robbery at a McDonald's in Sydney, N.S. 1992: A disgruntled employee at a Kitchener, Ont., glove factory shoots the owner and two other employees. 1989: Marc Lepine fatally shoots 14 young women at the University of Montreal's École Polytechnique and then kills himself. 1988: Russell Rafuse shoots and kills four people after a drinking party in Calgary. 1984: Canadian Forces Corporal Denis Lortie kills three people with an automatic weapon in Quebec's National Assembly. 1977: Five are killed in a Montreal bar by an unknown man using a semi-automatic rifle. 1975: A teacher and a student are killed and 13 others are wounded by Brampton, Ont., student Michael Slobodian, who then shoots himself. 1971: Du Pont Canada employee Vincent Meloche kills three company executives in Montreal.

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