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Former prime minister Brian Mulroney plans to be accompanied by his wife and their four children as he discusses the $300,000 in cash he received in 1993 and 1994 from Karlheinz Schreiber.

Mila Mulroney

Ms. Mulroney, 54, has been married to Mr. Mulroney since she was 19. The couple has four children and four grandchildren.

Ms. Mulroney was born in Sarajevo and came to Canada in 1958. Her father, Dimitrije Pivnicki, a Montreal lawyer and psychiatrist, died this year at 89.

She remains a strong force in Mr. Mulroney's life, having encouraged him years ago to quit smoking and drinking.

Caroline Lapham (Mulroney)

The eldest of the Mulroney children, Caroline, 33, graduated from Harvard and then from law school at New York University.

In September, 2000, she married Andrew Lapham, the son of Lewis Lapham, the author and former editor of Harper's Magazine, in a lavish ceremony in Montreal. Caroline and Andrew have four children; their youngest, a daughter, was born last summer. They live in Toronto.

Ben Mulroney

The most famous of the Mulroney siblings, Ben, 31, is the host of CTV's Canadian Idol and co-host of the network's entertainment program, eTalk Daily. His parents never miss an episode of Canadian Idol and have come to Toronto for several tapings. Ben has a law degree from Laval University and a history degree from Duke University in North Carolina.

Mark Mulroney

Mark, 28, graduated from Duke and is now with RBC Capital Markets in London.

Last year, a Toronto publication named him one of the city's most eligible bachelors, describing him as a "knight in shining Armani."

Nicolas Mulroney

Nicolas was born on Sept. 4, 1985, the first anniversary of his father's huge majority government win. He was brought up under the media spotlight, more so than the other Mulroney siblings. Like his brothers, he attended the elite Hotchkiss School, a boarding school in Connecticut. He recently graduated from Boston College. He works in the international finance and banking field.