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Jacqueline Hennessy says her now 31/2-month-old daughter showed her stubborn streak early: After 20 hours of labour, she refused again and again to get into proper birthing position. But all went well in the O.R., where, the television host/writer and former model and actor says, "It was a pleasure being cut open by Dr. Elliot Lyons while he was playing Otis Redding's Dock of the Bay."

Mia Katherine Hennessy Moore was born Feb. 5 at Mount Sinai Hospital. The first child of Ms. Hennessy and husband Terry Moore, in-house counsel for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, weighed in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces.

The nurse on duty was a little gaga over working with "the twin sister from Crossing Jordan," a reference to Ms. Hennessy's identical twin, Los Angeles-based Jill, who rose to stardom on Law and Order. Jill herself had a baby last September, the now eight-month-old Marco.

Come September, Ms. Hennessy will return to her hosting and reporting duties on Medical Intelligence for Rogers Television. In the meantime, with mom's many friends in the Toronto media, Baby Mia is following in her footsteps, doing segments on CTV on baby massage. Ms. Hennessy is so together, she has already ordered Mr. Moore's first Father's Day gift: a blanket with a photo of dad and baby Mia woven into it.

The family lives in North Toronto which Ms. Hennessy says should be renamed "Yonge and Fertile," as you can't swing a cat for fear of hitting a BabyBjorn carrier or a Silver Cross pram.