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A judicial recount has confirmed Liberal Judy Foote's win in Grand Bank during last month's Newfoundland election.

Progressive Conservative candidate Darin King asked for the recount after losing to Ms. Foote by 50 votes on Oct. 21. The margin of victory was reduced to 43 votes by the four-day recount.

Tom Johnson, Mr. King's lawyer, remains troubled by the outcome.

"I've gotten reports about some of the things that transpired in that election in that Grand Bank district, and now that the recount is done, and we know now what the official number is, I can look at that issue more closely," he said. "There is a goodly number of people who do not believe the Grand Bank election was hunky dory."

One of Mr. Johnson's concerns involved the affidavits sworn by people who weren't on the voters list.

He had asked the judge overseeing the recount to also count those affidavits, but a Newfoundland Supreme Court justice concluded Wednesday he did not have the authority to do so.

People who are not on the voters list have to sign an affidavit to be added to the supplemental voters list before they can cast their votes.

"But unfortunately, due to the ruling yesterday, that didn't allow us to verify that the number of people who were added to the list were actually, legally entitled to get ballots and vote in this election," Mr. Johnson said.