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Eligibility rules for parental leave vary from province to province.Annett Vauteck/Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Nova Scotia government says it wants to make pregnancy and parental leave more accessible to workers in the province.

However, the changes aren't expected to be made any time soon.

Premier Darrell Dexter says the government wants to amend the Labour Standards Code to allow an employee with six months on the job to qualify for pregnancy or parental leave.

As it stands, workers must be in a job for a year before they are eligible.

The government says the changes are expected to be made by 2015, though the NDP could call a provincial election as early as this fall.

It says the planned amendment would bring Nova Scotia's rules in line with those of the federal government, which require people to work at least 600 hours in a year to qualify for parental employment insurance benefits.

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