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The cheque is in the mail.

Revenue Canada will be mailing HST rebates to 6.6 million Ontario residents this week, even though the 13 per cent sales tax doesn't take effect until July 1.

Couples with combined incomes under $160,000 will be eligible for HST rebates totalling $1,000, while singles earning under $80,000 will qualify for $300.

Premier Dalton McGuinty says Ontario is giving $4-billion it received from the federal government to switch to the HST back to taxpayers.

However, Opposition Leader Tim Hudak says Mr. McGuinty is trying to bribe taxpayers with their own money, and says the rebates will end next year but the HST will be permanent.

The HST rebates will be sent in three instalments - or directly deposited into your account, depending on how you get your tax return - with the next payments in December and June 2011.

British Columbia is also switching to the HST on July 1 but, unlike Ontario, is not offering rebates to help residents cope with the new tax.