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A fleet vehicle makes its way into the the Hydro One Claireville Transfer Station in Vaughan, Ontario Monday March 9, 2015.Tim Fraser

The CEO of Hydro One insists he's not concerned that Ontario's Progressive Conservatives asked police to investigate allegations the utility misled the ombudsman about the extent of its billing problems.

The Tories asked the Ontario Provincial Police to investigate allegations by Ombudsman Andre Marin that Hydro One misled the government and lied about erroneous bills sent to tens of thousands of customers.

Hydro One CEO Carmine Marcello says he's really disappointed to hear the official opposition asked for a police probe because his officials co-operated at every step of the ombudsman's investigation.

Marcello says he's not worried at all because Hydro One has done nothing wrong, and if it takes a police investigation to get to the truth, "then so be it."

He says he's more worried for Hydro One workers who face "unfounded comments that question the integrity of the organization," which he calls really sad.

The Tories also asked the Speaker to find Hydro One in contempt of the legislature after the Ombudsman accused the huge utility of intentionally misleading his office and the government about the extent of the billing problems.

Marin released a special report on Hydro One Monday which included a chapter called "obstructing the ombudsman," which is an offence punishable by a fine or even a jail term.

Marin rejected the idea of laying charges, saying Ontario would "have to build a new courthouse" because there are so many people that would have to be charged.

"As a result of the ombudsman's report and remarks, I ask that you direct the Ontario Provincial Police to conduct an investigation into ... the serious breaches of conduct committed by employees of Hydro One," wrote PC house leader Steve Clark in a letter to OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes. "No government organization or the employees who work for them should be above the law."

The Tories and the New Democrats warn the Ombudsman will lose oversight of Hydro One once the budget bill passes approving the Liberals' plans to sell 60 per cent of the utility to the private sector.