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Rosemarie Gearhart/iStockphoto

An Ottawa-area woman live streamed the birth of her third child early Sunday.

Nancy Salgueiro, a chiropractor and childbirth educator, gave birth to a six pound, 10 ounce boy at 3:18 a.m.

Ms. Salgueiro posted on her Facebook page that she is still deciding on the spelling of her new son's name.

People who registered with Ms. Salgueiro's website received an email when she went into labour and were able to watch the birth live online.

Ms. Salgueiro said she gave birth online in an effort to dispel some of the fear about giving birth, saying it's important for women to see what a natural birth is like.

Ms. Salgueiro says she will replay the birth soon and those on the email list will be notified of when and where to watch.

"It was amazing to watch Nancy," one poster wrote on Ms. Salgueiro's Facebook page "So glad you decided to share it with us."