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One of the Ottawa police officers who was allegedly involved in a jail-house incident in which a woman was kneed, stripped of her bra and left topless in a cell has been charged with sexual assault.

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU) advised the Ottawa Police Service on Tuesday that it had completed its investigation into the case involving Stacy Bonds, who was arrested while walking home after a party in 2008.

Sergeant Steven Desjourdy is facing one charge of sexual assault. He has been reassigned to administrative duties within the force. The video of her treatment at the hands of police was obtained by the Ottawa Citizen and caused public outcry when it was made available on the Internet.

The Ontario Provincial Police will take over the investigation and will look into the conduct of other officers and civilian members of the force who may have participated in the alleged assault on Ms. Bonds.

The Ottawa force said it can make no further comment now that the case is before the courts.

Ms. Bonds, meanwhile, has launched a $1.2-million lawsuit against the Ottawa Police.

She alleges that a group of vindictive officers manhandled her and tossed her in a cell half-naked, in part because she is black and female. She remained topless and in soiled pants for more than three hours.

A charge of assaulting police that was laid against her was stayed in October, after her trial judge called the entire incident "a travesty."

The lawsuit against the police contends that Ms. Bonds was stopped without a valid reason and taken to the station because she questioned why officers arrested her.