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These images are among the 160 captured in the Arctic and Antarctic by Canadian photographer and biologist Paul Nicklen for his most recent book, Polar Obsession, published by National Geographic. Mr. Nicklen lives in Whitehorse but grew up in a small Inuit community on Baffin Island, and so is well acquainted with the land, its people and the wildlife they rely upon.

In Lancaster Sound, Nunavut, narwhals dive deep under the ice to feed on Arctic cod, then return to the surface to breathe and raise their tusks high in the air.

Paul Nicklen/Paul Nicklen

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A young polar bear leaps between ice floes in the Barents Sea near Svalbard, Norway.

Paul Nicklen/Paul Nicklen

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A leopard seal feeds a penguin to photographer Paul Nicklen.

Paul Nicklen/Paul Nicklen

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A large female leopard seal greets photographer Goran Ehlme near Anvers Island, Antarctica.

Paul Nicklen/Paul Nicklen

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Photographer Paul Nicklen emerges numb from the cold after an hour under the ice in Admiralty Inlet, Nunavut.

unknown/Paul Nicklen

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