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Police arrest 57 gang members in Manitoba

Nearly 60 members and associates of the Manitoba Warriors have been arrested during a police sting.

The nine-month investigation by the Winnipeg police targeted the gang's drug cells.

Staff Sgt. Max Waddell says the arrests deal a big blow to the top street gang in Winnipeg.

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Large quantities of weapons, drugs and cash were seized, including $21,000 of crack and powder cocaine; $13,500 cash; ballistic vests; stun guns and nunchuks.

Police and community partners are now working with the younger siblings of the 57 people arrested to try to steer them away from gang culture.

Waddell says it's about getting them involved in more positive activities where they find security and belonging they may otherwise find in a gang.

"They see their older brothers wearing nice clothes, nice shoes, fancy stuff that's gained often by illegal means and this is their way of participating. We want to break that cycle," he says.

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