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Police probing the mysterious disappearance of 32-year-old Tim Bosma, a church-going father who vanished Monday night after two men showed up at his Ancaster home inquiring about a pickup truck he was selling, believe the truck may hold the key to what happene

A third suspect in the Tim Bosma murder case might not be on the loose after all, the lead investigator into the mysterious killing said.

Hamilton Police have for weeks said at least three people were responsible for Mr. Bosma's disappearance and death a month ago, and Canadians captivated by the case anticipated another arrest after Dellen Millard and Mark Smich were charged with first-degree murder.

"As an investigator, you always talk about tunnel vision and I think it'd be tunnel vision for me to say that I definitely believe there's a third person or to say there wasn't," Staff Sergeant Matt Kavanagh said Wednesday. "It's possible that there's only two involved and it's also possible that there may have been a third. And so we're looking into that and we still have some doors to shut, some avenues of investigation."

Police say surveillance video captured images of Mr. Millard's dark blue GMC Yukon SUV following Mr. Bosma's 2007 Dodge Ram pickup truck on the evening of May 6, when two men arrived at the Ancaster, Ont., father's home to test drive Mr. Bosma's vehicle.

However, Staff. Sgt. Kavanagh said investigators do not know who was driving the SUV and are probing the possibility that it was Mr. Smich.

"In reality, it could have been Smich," said Staff Sgt. Kavanagh. "Smich could have got out of the Bosma truck and into the Yukon. So that's why I say I'm not sure."

The other possibility under investigation is that a third person dropped the pair off at Mr. Bosma's home and then followed them as they drove west to Brantford and beyond.

Under either scenario, police say two men appeared to arrive at Mr. Bosma's home on foot. Mr. Millard also seemed to arrive on foot when he test drove another Dodge Ram in Etobicoke on May 5 – a move that ultimately led to Mr. Millard's arrest because the seller recalled the "ambition" tattoo on his wrist.

That same afternoon, Mr. Millard also had arrangements to meet a Toronto man to test drive another Dodge Ram diesel truck advertised on Kijiji and Auto Trader, Staff Sgt. Kavanagh confirmed, but that man missed the meeting because he took a nap and overslept.

"Fate is a wonderful thing, isn't it?" he said, adding that police found that Toronto man through calls on a disposable cellphone traced to Mr. Millard.

A team of 10 detectives is still working the case.

Staff Sgt. Kavanagh also said Mr. Millard's recent transfer of three properties to his mother for $1 each is not part of the investigation. On May 17, a week after his arrest, Mr. Millard transferred ownership of a Vaughan condo, an Etobicoke bungalow and a Toronto condo to his mother, Madeleine Burns.

"That has no bearing on our investigation and I'm not looking into that at all," Staff Sgt. Kavanagh said.