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A rescue team searches a river close to a wooded area in Laval, Que., near Montreal, Monday, April 4, 2011, where three-year-old autistic boy Adam Benhamma went missing on March 3.Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

A last-ditch attempt to find a missing autistic toddler near Montreal will centre around two islands across the river near where he vanished.

Three-year-old Adam Benhamama was last seen near a shoreline home in Laval while playing with his seven-year-old sister on April 3.

His father had momentarily gone inside a friend's house when his daughter alerted him the boy had vanished.

Authorities say the child has a hearing impairment and can make sounds but is non-verbal.

A Laval police spokeswoman says police and firefighters will take one final look at two uninhabited islands on Wednesday.

Laval police spokeswoman Nathalie Lorrain says this will be the final attempt to find the missing boy.