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Guy Turcotte, in a file photo.

A psychiatrist says a man who fatally stabbed his children dozens of times in 2009 is fit to be released from a mental hospital.

Louis Morissette, who has been treating former cardiologist Guy Turcotte since his incarceration, says Mr. Turcotte has changed considerably and is not the same man as when he was detained.

Mr. Turcotte was found not criminally responsible in the deaths of his five-year-old son Olivier and his three-year-old daughter Anne-Sophie.

He admitted causing the deaths but denied intent.

Mr. Turcotte said he was distraught over the breakup of his marriage and didn't remember committing the act.

Mr. Morissette is testifying at hearings on whether to release Mr. Turcotte from a psychiatric hospital or keep him there for another year.

Mr. Morissette says there is no medical reason to keep Mr. Turcotte in the Pinel Institute.