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A tearful Mountie returned his red dress uniform after running afoul of a policy that says RCMP officers can't smoke medicinal marijuana while in uniform. Cpl. Ron Francis was prescribed the drug for post-traumatic stress disorder.The Canadian Press

The RCMP commissioner says he's very embarrassed for a New Brunswick Mountie who breached policy by smoking medicinal marijuana in uniform.

Bob Paulson says it was awkward and disappointing to see Cpl. Ron Francis make headlines after the national police force discouraged him from going public.

Cpl. Francis returned his red serge and accused the government and the force of not doing enough to support RCMP members with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The RCMP says officers who are prescribed marijuana for medicinal purposes should not be in red serge or regular uniform while taking their medication as it would portray the wrong message.

New Brunswick Tory MP Rodney Weston says some of his constituents were confused by the RCMP's response.

Mr. Paulson says the episode was embarrassing not just for the force but for Canadians.