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A Saskatchewan hockey mom has been sentenced to two years behind bars for sexual interference with three 14-year-old boys.

Kelley Minogue of Warman, a town north of Saskatoon, earlier pleaded guilty to the offences in December 2010.

"It happens to young boys; it's no different than it happening to girls," the stepfather of one of the boys said outside court. "It's sexual abuse and it shouldn't be tolerated."

Court heard the divorced 37-year-old woman hosted drinking parties for the boys, all hockey players, and had sex with two of the boys at the same time.

A third boy, who was heavily intoxicated when she led him into her bedroom, later told police he didn't want to lose his virginity to her.

Judge Barry Singer said Ms. Minogue was responsible for the boys' well-being, comparing her to a teacher. However, he did take into account that Ms. Minogue "did not force them against their wishes."

Senior Crown prosecutor Sheryl Fillo said she is happy Judge Singer indicated that Ms. Minogue breached a position of trust.

"I don't believe that just because she was a woman that that should be a major factor in reducing any sentence that she receives," said Ms. Fillo.

"She'd be the first one to admit that she was naive and did some foolish things that hopefully some programming might cause her to better reflect on how to be a parent," said defence lawyer Mark Brayford.

Ms. Minogue apologized in court for her "inappropriate behaviour."

The victims' names are banned from publication.

Her DNA is to be kept on file for life, and she'll have to register as a sex offender upon release from prison.

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