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A rescue team searches a river close to a wooded area in Laval, Que., near Montreal, Monday, April 4, 2011, where three-year-old autistic boy Adam Benhamma went missing on March 3.Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

A search is scheduled to resume Wednesday for a three-year-old autistic boy who went missing near Montreal on Sunday afternoon.

Police with dogs scoured a wooded area on Tuesday and checked out buildings, garages and sheds around the house where Adam Benhamma was last seen.

Divers also continued to search the waters and broke up the ice along the shoreline of the Mille-Iles River.

Laval police spokeswoman Nathalie Lorrain said hopes of finding the child alive were diminishing and that it was becoming more plausible he fell into the river.

The boy, who is deaf and non-verbal, was playing in front of a house near a wooded area in Laval when his seven-year-old sister lost sight of him.

Ms. Lorrain says any decision to call off the search will be made only after consulting the child's parents.