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A Tamil man is dead after an attack by as many as five individuals armed with multiple weapons outside a Scarborough plaza.

Police were called to a convenience store at 7 Bonis Ave., near the Agincourt Mall, around 12:30 p.m. yesterday, Toronto police Constable Wendy Drummond said.

Outside the store, they found a man who was "injured and bleeding," the officer said.

Initial reports say a sharp-edged weapon, such as a knife, and a blunt weapon, thought to be a hammer, were used in the attack, but Constable Drummond wouldn't comment on those reports.

The victim was taken to Sunnybrook hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The attack is the second on a Tamil man in just over a week and occurred blocks from the park where Kristian Thanapalan, 22, was beaten to death by as many as 25 men just after midnight on July 11.

The family of Mr. Thanapalan said police had not contacted them in connection with yesterday's killing.

As many as five men could have been involved in the attack and at least one was seen fleeing the scene in a white vehicle, police said. They were questioning one man in custody last night, but said it was too soon to say if the man will be charged.

David Poopalapillai of the Canadian Tamil Congress said he was deeply saddened by the news of more violence in Toronto's Tamil community.

"We wholeheartedly condemn this senseless killing," Mr. Poopalapillai said. "This is too much to bear."