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-* Chief of Staff - Percy Downe, sometime referee, sometime enforcer

-* Chief Policy Adviser - Eddie Goldenberg, keeper of the flame and chief deal maker

-* Director of Communications - Françoise Ducros, pro-active spinner to "friendly" journalists

-* PMO Policy Director - Paul Genest, chief policy wonk

-* Power Corp. vice-president John Rae, head of Chrétien fan club and top election strategist

-* Former PMO director of operations Jean Carle, the brass-knuckles guy who persuades people to do what the Prime Minister wants done

-* David Smith, chair of Fraser Milner, general campaign busybody with thumbs-up, thumbs-down power over Liberal nominations

-* Finance Minister John Manley, adjutant-general to the whole government, with the patience to wait his turn

-* Human Resources Minister Jane Stewart, second-generation crony (her father was big Chrétien friend) and chief hug dispenser when the going gets tough

-* Transport Minister David Collenette, ultimate loyalist and pro-Chrétien leak artist

-* Justice Minister Martin Cauchon, a younger and smoother Alfonso Gagliano in charge of Quebec patronage

-* Solicitor-General Lawrence MacAulay, accident-prone slow learner


-* Earnscliffe strategist David Herle, non-practising lawyer and pollster who mixes communications consulting for the Finance Department with political advice

-* Former chief of staff Tim Murphy, former Ontario MPP who was just learning the ropes in Ottawa

-* Toronto businessman John Webster, tough guy political organizer who could double as a football linebacker

-* Earnscliffe strategist Scott Reid, the mostly anonymous "source" who speaks on behalf of the Martin leadership campaign

-* Earnscliffe lobbyist Michael Robinson, leadership campaign sage with good links to other camps

-* Former Finance staffer Carl Littler, rules specialist and technical hit man

-* Ottawa lawyer Richard Mahoney, TV spinner with good connections to Ontario Liberal Party

-* Quebec lobbyist Dennis Dewson, with good connections going back to his days as an MP

-* Health Minister Anne McLellan, with a watching brief on Alberta delegates

-* Public Works Minister Ralph Goodale, low-key presence in Commons obscures hard-as-nails Saskatchewan organization

-* Liberal caucas chair Stan Keyes, recruiter on Liberal back benches and in the True Grit Band

-* Secretary of State (International Finance) Maurizio Bevilacqua, liaison to the spaghetti caucus


A graphic yesterday made an inappropriate reference to a group of Liberal MPs with a common Italian heritage. The Globe and Mail regrets the reference and apologizes for it. (Wednesday, June 5, 2002, Page A2)

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