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Canada, Mexico and the U.S. went back to the bargaining table on Aug. 16. Get caught up with our guide to the key players, disputes and strategies

The essentials

Need a NAFTA refresher? Here is where you should begin:

The Canadian strategy

Read through expert insights on what Canada should fight for – and how.

The Negotiations

What will be talked about?

Trade Balance

President Trump has vowed to slash the U.S.'s trade deficit. But is a deficit really such a bad thing? Many experts have slammed Mr. Trump's objective.

Dispute resolution

Chapter 19 could be Canada's sticking point in negotiations.

Supply management

Mr. Trump has called Canada's restrictions on dairy imports a "disgrace," raising expectations that supply management will be under pressure.

Labour mobility

An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 Canadians currently work in the U.S. under a fast-track process called the non-immigrant NAFTA professional visa, or TN visa.

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Digital economy

NAFTA was designed for a very different economy. Digital issues – from intellectual property to e-commerce – could wind up on the bargaining table.

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