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Created in April, 1935, the Regina-based Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration cared for 85 community pastures. It has been chopped by the Harper government.

Hamilton Greenwood

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The Burrowing owl, an endangered species in Canada, has found a home on the Val Marie range in Southern Saskatchewan.

Hamilton Greenwood

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Prairie crocus are among the many wildflowers growing in the Frenchman River Valley, near Eastend, Sask.

Hamilton Greenwood

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A Vesper sparrow sings on the fence line at the Brokenshell community pasture near Trossachs, Sask., while a cow grazes in the background.

Trevor Herriot

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A long-billed curlew, a species at risk, walks through speargrass (Stipa) pasture near Val Marie, Sask.

Hamilton Greenwood

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Pronghorn antelope gambol in the Old Wives community pasture in Saskatchewan.

Hamilton Greenwood

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A western meadowlark find a nice meal in sagebrush at the Govenlock pasture in Consul, Sask.

Hamilton Greenwood

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Sagebrush grows along the Frenchman River Valley in Saskatchewan.

Hamilton Greenwood

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‘I never wanted to be anything else but a cowboy,’ says Mert Taylor, one of the longest-serving of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration’s 300 managers and range riders.

Jon Bowie

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