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A collection of chalk-and-ink drawings by Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook, winner of the Sobey Award in 2006

Title: Windy Day 2006Annie Pootoogook

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Title: Dr. PhilAnnie Pootoogook

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Title: Licking the plate clean 2004-2005Annie Pootoogook

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Title: Lying in BedAnnie Pootoogook

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Title: FamilyAnnie Pootoogook

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Title: Memory of My Life, Breaking Bottles 2001-2002Annie Pootoogook

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Title: Family Gathering Whale MeatAnnie Pootoogook

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Title: Man Abusing His PartnerAnnie Pootoogook

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Title: Coleman Stove with Robin Hood Flour and TenderflakeAnnie Pootoogook

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Title: Glasses/Pencil/Eraser, 2006Annie Pootoogook

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