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Canadians woke up Thursday to a country deeply affected by the shooting in Ottawa on Wednesday and hit-and-run attack on two soldiers in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., Monday.

Canadians' collective response on social media has been focused on solidarity, patriotism and tribute to the victims of the crimes. Here's a look at how Canadians are reacting this morning:

Hashtag solidarity: #MyOttawa

Ottawa residents are sharing images of their city and using #MyOttawa hashtag to express how they would like the world to see it.

War Memorial

Canadians are also sharing images and tributes about the War Memorial, the site at which Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was killed. Members of Parliament and the public met Thursday morning to honour Cpl. Cirillo.

Expressions of patriotism

Another reaction this morning from Canadians is showing their patriotism and expressing their support for members of the Canadian Forces. Many also expressed their appreciation to the Pittsburgh Penguins organization for their tribute to Canada before a game against the Flyers Wednesday by singing O' Canada.


They're a well-recognized symbol of tribute and appreciation. Every November Canadians wear poppies to commemorate Canada's contributions to conflicts and honour fallen soldiers. This year, Canadians are donning poppies earlier.