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Photographer Erin Conway-Smith follows civil servant Anastasia Thomas to work and home

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Anastasia Thomas sets out cereal while son Ethan, 5, waits to eat. The civil servant is up by 5:30 a.m. to make sure her kids get their baths and breakfast.

erin conway-smith The Globe and Mail

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Ms. Thomas arrives at her office. She works as a civil servant for the Gauteng provincial ministry of education. Her office is in downtown Johannesburg – the commute to which can take her from 30 to 60 minutes.

erin conway-smith The Globe and Mail

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Ms. Thomas sits with son Chad, 13, after his swimming lesson. He hopes to become a competitive swimmer.

erin conway-smith The Globe and Mail

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Ethan, 5, shows his mother a photo he took on her camera. They are attending a student concert in which middle son Chad is playing the African drum.

erin conway-smith The Globe and Mail

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The Thomas family, which includes several extended family members and a live-in domestic worker, sit down for supper together. After work, Ms. Thomas cooks dinner and makes sure the children lay out their school uniforms for the next day.

n conway-smith The Globe and Mail

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