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Busy Canadians share a glimpse into their lives - the good, the bad and the ugly truths

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ALYSSA NOVICK: Private school teacher. Separated. Two teens. "Monday nights, ironically, I have to leave the house at 6 p.m. for a stress reduction workshop. I weigh my choices: Will it be more or less stressful to run out of the house at supper time, with homework not done? I decide to go. "

dave chan The Globe and Mail

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SUSAN WITTEVEEN: Managing director of a bank. Married. Three kids. "I have been known to mix 'business with pleasure' and as a result have had my kids too close during important conference calls and have inadvertently yelled into the phone, 'Don't wrestle her like that ... she’s a baby and you are choking her to death!'"

peter power The Globe and Mail

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EDWARD LYONS: Radiologist. Married. Two children, two grandchildren. "I’m from a generation of baby boomers where your work was a commitment. ... I think that my kids sometimes get frustrated. Perhaps I wasn’t always there for them. Yes, that hurts. And they’re right."

john woods The Globe and Mail

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EMMA OWEN: Executive Assistant. Married. One child. "I arrive at the train station 15 minutes early every day. This is my 'me' time. I sit in my car, drink my coffee and listen to a local radio station’s morning show. I look forward to this every weekday morning. How sad is that?"

simon hayter The Globe and Mail

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MADELEINE REDFERN: Runs the Qikiqtani Truth Commission. One child. "When [my daughter] was born I owned a baby store ... and I actually cared for her in the store from the age of six months on. I had made the decision that I wanted to work, but I wasn’t prepared to hand her over to a caregiver or daycare. I wanted to be part of her daily life. "

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