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We challenge you: Leave work on time today

Welcome to Canada's Balance Challenge.

Complaining about our busy lives is easy. Doing something to slow them down is hard. But it's worth trying.

For the week of November 1, The Globe and Mail is issuing a challenge to Canadians: Each day, take some time for yourself.

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We'll offer a daily suggestion - but if it doesn't work for you, try something that does. As long as it puts you or family first, it counts.

Try it out and then let us know how it goes in our comments section. You can even send us a photo or video of you enjoying your newfound "me" time.

Tuesday's challenge: Leave work on time

Deep breath. You can do it. Step 1: Figure out what that means. What time did you get to your desk? And how many hours are they paying you for? Okay, do the math and write down that magic number. Is it 5? 5:30? 6? Be honest with yourself and commit to leaving at that time. Make plans to meet friends or your partner if you need an extra incentive (or someone to be accountable to).

From Monday's challenge: Take a 15-minute coffee break:

Today, thanks to the challenge, I did more than a coffee break, I had a lunch break. I've had maybe 8-10 lunch breaks in three years. tmgill

I take a decent coffee break almost everyday. Its what makes my work life bearable and allows me to get some perspective. Jack1059

We always took a 15 minute coffee break and used it to discuses business from a different perspective. It was always a very relaxing break. Dick Garneau

Most jobs are so stressful, especially with the iphones and berries. Turn them off for 15 minutes, go outside and walk around the block. If not possible, just walk up and down the stairs in your building. Peter V3

I bring a newspaper to work every day and try to make it a point to take that 15-minute break in the morning.More often than not though, I end up being 'too busy' and just skip over it. Today, I will make sure to take it. fufonzo

As a boss I think this is a great idea. I work as an Executive Chef and I try to stress to my cooks and staff to take a break go out side and not just to smoke! Turn your mind off and relax. jgl5

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