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Your view: If you could change one thing about higher education...

Humber College student surfs the web between classes. March 22, 2010.

Peter Power/The Globe and Mail/Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

As part of The Globe and Mail's Re:Education series, we're asking students from across the country to weigh in with their ideas for improving post-secondary education in Canada. To add your view, fill out our form below.

"Most of us students wouldn't change just 'one thing', because it's never about just 'one thing'. There are a hundred, a thousand 'one things' that need changing."
- Bethany Klapwyk, 23, Fleming College

"First and second year courses are getting too big. How are students able to get assistance with a student to professor ratio of 400 to 1?"
- Erin Hennessey, 23, University of Alberta

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"Support for finding a job afterwards. Seems like you get the degree and that's when they stop caring about you because that's when you stop paying them."
- Dimitrios Paleo, 25,  Simon Fraser University

"Institutions of higher education need to monitor the supply and demand of the employment market, and adjust their programs and enrolment as necessary."
- Michael Bathurst, 28, Saint Mary's University

"The focus has moved from education to numerical data. Scores, graduate numbers, employment rates. It's all about getting prestige and more students."
- Jeremy Schmit, 23, University of  Ottawa

"I am currently completing my Master's degree, and despite the research funding I have received, I am working three jobs in order to keep my head above water."
- Erin Harrison, 24, Carleton  University

"If mechanisms were enacted to restrict the number of students in low-demand programs, while increasing seats in high-demand programs, higher education would better serve students and society."
- John King, 32, Thompson Rivers University

"Right now, it seems that administrators run the universities and dictate to the professors how they should run their courses. Let the profs decide how to run their courses."
- James Radke, 20, University of  British Columbia 

"I would increase the transparency of administration and allow students access to decision-making tools. Universities do too much with little student input."
- Braden Bunce, 22, University of Alberta

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"In reality, most degrees don't actually teach people skills they will use in the workplace."
- Sam Coleman-Aulenbach, 21, Nova Scotia Community College

"The lack of preparation from high school to post-secondary education impacts even the smartest of students."
- Athena Green, 20, Carleton  University

"I am back at it after taking a year off to study at the Free University of Berlin. I wish studying abroad was more engrained in the university system."
- Stephanie Rempel, 21, University of Winnipeg 

"Remove tuition fees and strengthen the financial aid system so students can focus on their courses without having to work part-time while accumulating thousands in debt."
- Irmak Bahar, 21, Concordia University

"Universities need more public funding to avoid prioritizing the concerns of private funding over the mission of the university."
- Abbie Buckman, 22, McGill University

"Schools should listen more to their students -- in the end we are paying them for a service that we sometimes aren't getting."
- Greg Cardona, 23, Algonquin College

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"Make it about learning, about expanding your mind and making a difference in the world."
- Emily Driscoll, 19, Saint Mary's University

"I believe that more universities should implement co-op programs into their system... Working in the industry is extremely different than studying the material in university."
- Katerina Juskey, 22, Queen's University

"Students should give a recommendation to which teachers helped them the most throughout college or university."
- Mitch McClure, 20, Centennial College

"Programs available online reach a much wider base and allow students to work off debt while going to school at the same time."
- Faith McGregor, 34, Thompson Rivers University

"Student debt! With a university degree essentially a prerequisite for entering the work force, the accessibility of education is an ever-growing concern."
- Travis Perry, 22, Memorial University

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