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Transcript of interview with woman who claims Ghomeshi assaulted her Add to ...

On Wednesday evening, CBC Radio One’s flagship current affairs show As It Happens aired an interview with a woman who said she had been physically assaulted by the former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi about 10 years ago. This is The Globe’s transcript of that interview conducted by host Carol Off.

How did you first meet?

I met Jian about – over 10 years ago, and it was a Christmas media party. I had friends who knew him and worked with him, but I myself had never met him. At the party, he was smitten with me, and I was, you know, taken by his charm. He’s a very charismatic man, no question.

Did you want to go out with him?

At the time, I just thought we were having a connection, but I didn’t know he was going to ask me to come out with him. But when he did, I said yes. I was just coming out of a relationship, a very long one, and I hadn’t dated for a long time. So I was liking the attention and thought he was a charming man.

Can you describe that first date you had?

He first asked me to come to a taping of his show. I did. And after the show – he noticed me at the show, he lit up: You came! And we hung out a little bit with some of his colleagues and then we went off alone to a pub and just chatted. There was absolutely nothing about that that gave me any indication that there was anything to worry about. He was charming, that would be the word I would give Jian, is charming. Then after he drove me back to my car. And we chatted in the car. And he was getting flirty. So in the car, he was looking like he wanted to do a little more, and then he asked me if I would undo my buttons. And I said no – because I didn’t know you. And then he reached over and grabbed my hair very hard, and pulled my head back. And it really took me off guard. I don’t know precisely exactly what he was saying, but I am thinking it was something along the lines of: Do you like this? And I don’t know what I said. But it was a weeknight, and it was late, and I had to go

How did you feel about that – when you got out of the car and you got in your own car, what were you thinking about that experience?

First - I didn’t like it. That’s not my style. Also, ‘Did I miss something? Not dating for a while?’ Also, I kind of put it to, that – if a couple gets together, there’s always a learning curve and it can be, you know, ‘Don’t hit me so hard, or don’t kiss me like that, or whatever. But that wasn’t part of my repertoire, ever. I was more shy, and I just thought, I’ll figure it out later.

Why did you agree to see him again?

Because, like I say, I hadn’t dated for awhile and I did like him. And all the time I spent with him up to that point was great. There was nothing about him I didn’t like. And that, I thought – Maybe he’s just a little too rough and I can sort it out.

What happened on the second date?

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