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Two people have been killed in a plane crash into a field near Swift Current, Sask.

The city says in a release that a small, single-engine aircraft went down less than a kilometre from the Swift Current Airport shortly after taking off on Thursday night.

Police say officers and emergency services personnel found the two dead at the scene.

Duane Smith was one of the people who reported the crash, explaining he was out with a group of people near the airport when they saw smoke just south of an acreage.

"We jumped in a vehicle and headed there. It was only about a mile away from us and we could see it in the field right away. It was billowing smoke and a ball of flames in a standing crop," Smith told CJME radio.

He said the first thing they tried to do was see if they could find any survivors.

"At first, we had thought we had maybe seen somebody standing there. But it was the tail of the plane."

Smith said there was debris from the plane scattered throughout the field, but they were unable to locate anyone.

He said there were a few small flames in the field which were extinguished by others who arrived at the scene.

An investigation team from the Transportation Safety Board is on its way to the crash site.

The airport about 6 1/2 kilometres east of Swift Current handles private and government aircraft, as well as corporate charters and military training.

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