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Canadian $20 bill

The collected wisdom of the Globe and Mail on the business, personal finance, and political realities behind the Harmonized Sales Tax, which takes effect on Canada Day, July 1, 2010.

Transition to HST hits sour notes Front-line small businesses concerned as Ontario, B.C. fold provincial sales tax into federal one July 1

A look at some of the ways you might be affected

Many goods and services that will be subject to the HST starting July 1 will have previously been taxed at a much lower rate

Globe Editorial: Ontario report shows how small the HST's impact will be on middle-class households

Tax expert Janice Roper answered your questions

Firms scramble to calculate 'blended rate' for funds that combines tax from various provinces

How Ontario native leaders won a point of sale exemption for the HST, and why bands in B.C. and Atlantic Canada demand a similar break

Second political life for former premier Bill Vander Zalm as he leads Fight-HST crusade

Where it began: In January of 2009, positive signs emerge that Ontario and Ottawa can agree on a Harmonized Sales Tax

Documents show government contacted tax officials on May 15, 2009

How will the HST affect you? Do you approve of the new tax?

Pub owners and consumers will have to wait and see if HST changes will affect the price of booze

HST business questions from readers answered Representatives from the CFIB and an Ottawa law firm on the new tax and what it means for the bottom line