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The Calgary Zoo is making plans to move animals if flooding from the Bow River, which surrounds the zoo, worsens, June 21, 2013. That could include moving lions, tigers and leopards to holding cells at the Calgary Court Centre.Todd Korol/Reuters

The animals may not be on an ark, but they are moving out two by two. In response to extensive flooding in southern Alberta, the Calgary zoo has evacuated their two zebras and two pot-bellied pigs.

The zebras have been moved to the Devonian Wildlife Conservation Centre – a ranch owned by the zoo south of the city – while the pigs are being cared for at the city's animal shelter. All the other zoo animals remain at the park and have been moved to higher ground, according to the zoo's Facebook page.

"For some of the animals, higher ground means higher areas within their enclosures; for others, that means being moved to holding areas at our Animal Health Centre or barns and yards higher up," one post read.

Earlier in the day, the zoo announced their big cats could potentially land in the big house if the flooding worsened. They planned to move the lions, tigers and leopards to holding cells at the Calgary Court Centre. The cats, however, were still secured at the zoo.

"The keepers are incredibly dedicated and they are out there taking good care of their charges," Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi said. "So, much as I would have liked to see a picture of the lions in a jail cell – story of the century – that is not needed yet. It's in the emergency plans but it's not needed yet."

The zoo also posted on their Twitter feed clarifying the zoo is closed for the weekend and are not in need of volunteer assistance at this time.