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Will my dog be buried in the snow today?
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Fresh snow can make walk time a cool adventure or a cold ordeal for Canadian dogs, depending on whether it’s too deep for them to handle. If there’s a snowstorm coming your way, use this tool to see how the forecast stacks up against the size of your dog breed


Step 1 How much snow?

I expect
of snow today.

Check Environment Canada’s forecast to find out what's in store for your community, snow-wise.

Step 2 What breed of dog?

My dog is a
Will my dog be buried in the snow?

Oh dear! Dig to freedom, dog!

Your dog would be 75% buried in the snow.

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A dog’s height is customarily measured from the withers, the area between the shoulder blades, the highest point on a four-legged animal’s body. Using data from the Canadian Kennel Club and, this tool measures against the maximum or ideal height (whichever is highest) of purebred breeds recognized by the CKC. In some breeds, females can be a few centimetres shorter than males. Check the CKC’s breed profile page for more information.