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Drawn Off Topic: Hockey Hall of Famer Angela James on women-only parking spots (Anthony Jenkins/The Globe and Mail)
Drawn Off Topic: Hockey Hall of Famer Angela James on women-only parking spots (Anthony Jenkins/The Globe and Mail)

'Women-only' parking spaces and other things you may have missed this week Add to ...

For many of us, Monday to Friday races by in a blur. We know it can be a struggle to delve beyond the big headlines and keep on top of all the interesting stories out there. We're here to lend a hand: In case you didn’t see them the first time, a collection of stories you may have missed this week on globeandmail.com.

'Women only' parking spaces?

Should cities create "women-only" parking spaces? According to Hockey Hall of Famer Angela James, absolutely not. Here’s her argument for why women-only parking is "insulting."

Guns and games

The National Rifle Association released a shooting video game this week. This probably wouldn’t seem so strange, if it wasn’t for the fact that the same group blamed violent video games just last month after the Newtown school killings. Here, the NRA explains why they created the game.

Working hard or hardly working?

Running a legal practice from the golf course? It might seem like a dream, but, thanks to technology, many workers in traditionally office-bound professions are finding themselves able to work from just about anywhere. Are remote, flexible workplaces becoming the new norm?

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Cutting your lattes to save money? Forget about small savings and think big instead, argues Rob Carrick. Read why Carrick says you should probably think twice before signing that agreement on a new home or car.

Laughing to the bank

“Ordering one for my nephew,” reads the online review for the Hutzler 571 banana slicer. “He’s been using an old slinky to slice his bananas.” The review may have been a gag, but the product itself is real, and distributed by a Connecticut-based company which has been promoting the gag reviews on its social media streams. Find out how, by playing along with the joke, the company is also boosting its bottom line.

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