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Alberta Premier Alison Redford is shown on Nov. 17, 2011.BLAIR GABLE/Reuters

Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she will repay taxpayers $3,100 for flying her daughter's friends around on government aircraft, and has also ordered a stop to all out of province travel on government planes.

Redford made the announcement as the opposition renewed attacks on her to repay the $45,000 she spent to fly her and an aide to South Africa last year for Nelson Mandela's funeral.

Nova Scotia's Premier Stephen McNeil took the same trip for under $1,000.

Redford has also been under fire for granting lavish perks to herself and her inner circle while cutting programs and forcing public workers to take pay freezes.

She spent $9,200 to have a government plane fly her back from a Palm Springs vacation, and her aide has charged taxpayers $9,000 to stay at one of Edmonton's most expensive hotels.

The opposition parties say the issue has never been about the money, but about Redford's contempt toward those who pay the bills.