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Bruce Anderson.

Editor's note: Globe Politics is excited to announce that Bruce Anderson will be writing a weekly digital column examining the strategies and tactics of the country's top politicians and the trends that underlie their decisions in the leadup and through the 2015 election. You know the what – Mr. Anderson looks at the why.

Mr. Anderson is a leading pollster and communications counsellor. He has written many columns for The Globe and Mail over the last few years. He is a regular member of popular "At Issue" panel on CBC's The National.

He is chairman of polling firm Abacus Data. He began his career on Parliament Hill in 1980, and for three decades has worked as a pollster and communications consultant for a variety of clients and political parties and leaders.

His weekly columns begin this Friday, and he'll be offering his take on the dust-up between Justin Trudeau and Ezra Levant.